Super Imaginative Chogokin

From Bandai's long running line of reimagined characters from the late Shotaro Ishinomori's works; SICs started out as semi static figures that stand for about 18cm tall and eventually evolved into articulated figures which improves by every generation. These are highly detailed figures meant ultimately for display but as the line evolves, so does the factor included in it; sculpted by either Takayuki Takeya or Kenji Ando, this has proved to be the most successful Rider line for detail freaks like me; aside from that, over the time it received spin-off lines such as the SIC Takumi Damashii, SIC Kiwami Damashii, Movie Realization and Manga Realization lines. 

For now, all you'll see in my SIC line up are characters from different Kamen Rider titles; Even though I haven't reviewed none yet, the Manga and Movie realization review archives would also be placed here. SICs are divided into two parts the standard release and the limited ones; the standard releases will be arranged by Volume and even non-reviewed ones will appear just for order's sake. These non-reviewed ones will have a grayscaled picture and would be linkless; on the other hand, the limited ones will only be updated once a new limited review is up since it doesn't have any particular order and is therefore needless of place holders. ^^
Standard Releases:
Volume 7
Kamen Rider Ichigo
Volume 8
Kamen Rider Nigo
Volume 9
Kamen Rider V3
Volume 16
Kamen Rider Black RX
Volume 17
Shadow Moon
Volume 22
Kamen Rider Amazon
Volume 22
Volume 24
Kamen Rider Knight
Volume 24
Kamen Rider Ohjya
Volume 27
Kamen Rider Zolda
Volume 27
Kamen Rider Taiga
Volume 35
Kamen Rider Blade
Volume 41
Kamen Rider X
Volume 41
Volume 42
Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form
Volume 42
Momotaros Imagin
Volume 42-Ex
Diecast Momotarosword
Volume 45
Kamen Rider Den-O Liner Form
Volume 45
Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Form
Volume 48
Kamen Rider Gaoh
Volume 50
Kamen Rider Kiva
Volume 51
Kamen Rider Decade
Volume 52
Kamen Rider Kabuto
Volume 54
Kamen Rider IXA
Volume 54
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
Volume 55
Kamen Rider Stronger
Volume 55
Denpa Ningen Tackle
Volume 56
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Volume 57
Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker

S.I.C. Limited:
Kamen Rider Kiva Emperor Form
Kamen Rider Wild Chalice
Kamen Rider Den-O Wing Form
Kamen Rider NEW Den-O Strike Form
? ?

Movie/Manga Realization: